PicPick 7.2.8 Portable Pro Version Free Download

  • Software Name: PicPick Portable
  • Date Updated: A Day Ago
  • Operating System Requirement: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11
  • App License: Freeware (Personal use. Business use with a paid license.)
  • SourceNGWIN

PicPick Description:

PicPick is a tool that does a lot of things from one place, mainly living in the little area by your computer’s clock. It lets you take screenshots in many ways, edit images with a bunch of tools, pick colors from your screen, measure things with a ruler, find angles with a protractor, line things up with crosshairs, and even draw or present on a virtual whiteboard.

  • Taking Screenshots – You can capture your whole screen, just one window, a part of the screen, draw a shape to capture, take a picture of a scrolling window, and more. It can automatically scroll, works with multiple monitors, and makes sound when you take a shot.
  • Editing Images – The editor is easy to use and looks like the tools you find in Windows. You can draw, add shapes, arrows, lines, text, and more. You can also adjust your image with effects like blur, sharpen, change colors, add cool filters, and more.
  • Picking Colors – You can grab any color from your screen and it tells you the color in different codes like for websites or programming. It’s like the color tools in Photoshop and lets you save your favorite colors.
  • Measuring Pixels – There’s a ruler you can use to measure things on your screen in pixels, inches, or centimeters, and you can set how many dots per inch you want to measure by.
  • Magnifying Screen – You can zoom in on your screen from 2 times up to 10 times bigger. You can keep this magnifier on top of other windows, it looks smooth, and you can change its size.
  • Finding Angles – The protractor helps you find angles right on your screen, useful for photos, math, or designing stuff.
  • Aligning with Crosshairs – This helps you line things up in design projects or figure out the position of things on your screen.
  • Drawing on Screen – The whiteboard lets you draw or write directly on your screen, perfect for presentations or just doodling.

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Password: portablesofts

Common Questions

How to install Portable PicPick Premium?

To install a PicPickportable, browse to the location of the PicPickPortable_x.x.paf.exe file you downloaded. Double-click the file to start the installation. Follow the on-screen prompts and select the destination for installation. Within the directory you select, a PicPickPortable directory will be created containing the portable software.

Note that installing to the C:\Program Files or equivalent is not supported.

How to Uninstall Portable PicPick?

If you want to uninstall PicPickPortable, you just delete the directory where it is installed.

How to Use Portable PicPick?

Browse to the directory you installed the PicPickPortable, then double-click the PicPickPortable.exe file. Then, just use the software as you’d use the other simple version of the software.

How to update Portable PicPick?

Download the latest version of the software you want to install. Open the new PicPickPortable for installation and choose your parent directory (where the older version is installed). For example, if the software is within D:\PortableSofts\PicPickPortable, you’d want to select the D:\PortableSofts.

In this way your data and settings for this app will not be deleted.

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